Sea Cave Elopement with Wedding Celebrant

7 Steps to plan your Engagement Elopement in Cornwall

 Are you planning a surprise proposal to your soulmate? Are you wanting a unique way to do it? I have outlined my 7 easy steps to guide you along the path to your perfect surprise proposal and engagement elopement. Grab a drink, get comfy and let’s start!

Choose your Ring

Wedding Jewellery Ring with Elopement Bouquet

I have a few tips to help make this step easier and simpler for you. This is the most important part of all the steps detailed below.
And may be the trickiest part of the process especially if you are doing a secret proposal. Before we get into specifics, I want to recommend my favourite Jeweller in Cornwall, Justin Duance. Justin and his team create jewellery that is part of Cornwall, literally. The pieces are inspired and created by their love of the ocean and the rugged landscape.

They have a range that has amazing textures, created by sand casting them in local sand (or from anywhere in the world). Some rings include reclaimed woods of your choice such as oak. Justin and his team, assist you when choosing a metal for the band, picking your sand (or use your own) and give you advice on which woods work best. They will show you which stones and diamonds will enhance your design. Ethically sourced, beautiful gemstones and diamonds are available for you to choose from too. They are a perfect choice if you love Cornwall, are adventurous, fun-loving, free-spirited and care about the planet. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box by choosing a unique ring. Things to consider when choosing an engagement ring in secret – Go with the average ring size of women/men in Britain. It’s an M for women and a T for men if you are not sure of the actual size. Try a larger size and resize it later after your proposal.Elopement Couple kiss in cornwall at sunset

Your Engagement Ring 

Use their other jewelry as a baseline. Trace a ring that fits (on the inside and using a pencil) and get that outline sized. Ask for help from others (mom, friends, your friends, a jeweler), who may know what shape and style is a favourite. They may also know what looks best on the shape and length of their finger. Knowing this will make your choice easier. Don’t forget how your Engagement Ring looks when placed next to your wedding Band in the future. This is important to remember now when you are choosing an engagement ring.Our Elopement Engagement Rings from Justin Duance

Choose your Location

Cornwall has over 300 beautiful beaches, all different and unique. Some are rocky, some sandy and some a mixture of both. Some are sheltered and secluded, others have long stretches of white sand. You will have loads of choice and can even have a cheeky wild swim to celebrate if you are brave enough!Outdoor Wedding in CornwallCheck out our wild swim elopements here – If you enjoy hiking, the coast paths have some incredible viewpoints. If you time it right, at sunrise or sunset, they are uncrowded and spectacular. There are mining ruins for other options of incredible locations. Are you inspired? Can you visualise your favourite location for your day?


Valuable Information

You will find lots of valuable information here to help you choose a elopement ceremony that is perfect for you!! Check out the local small wedding page from Cornwall Elopements.Sunset Ceremony with wedding couple in cornwall on the cliff

The Elopement Photographer & Filmmaker

Choose a photographer who understands the intimacy between couples. Are they able to capture those moments discreetly and in an unobtrusive way? There is nothing worse than having a camera up close when you are sharing an intimate and meaningful moment together. Having worked with Jo and Patrick from Cornwall Elopements and Enchanted Brides Photography, I have seen firsthand how they make their couples relax and enjoy their day. I can recommend them as my favourite Engagement Elopement Cornwall photographers. They have specialised in photographing intimate elopements and small weddings for many years. They have built up a great reputation. They receive rave reviews from all their adventurous, fun-loving couples from around the world and from other wedding suppliers in Cornwall and beyond. Who will capture your beautiful Engagement Elopement Ceremony with you as the stars of your own very special Love story?Outdoor Wedding Cornwall

Our Outdoor Package

Cornwall Elopements and Wild Blessing Ceremonies offer you a complete Outdoor Elopement Wedding Cornwall package for a ‘romantic, just us’ Engagement Elopement Cornwall Experience. This package includes your photographers and a celebrant.Beach Wedding CornwallWe advise you on locations to suit your requirements including safety issues (tides, weather, warnings). We also offer flexible dates in case of bad weather. We also have a list of our favourite recommended suppliers if you need to book any other services to complete your day. What tasty treats will you be tucking into on your Wild Engagement Elopement?

Wedding Ceremony on the CliffsAre you excited now?

Turn up on the day. Experience an amazing Engagement Elopement of your dreams. You and the love of your life are feeling cherished and spoiled in an incredible location. We endeavour to keep your day simple, unstressed and perfect for you. This is exciting news, I would love to book our own Engagement Elopement in Cornwall with you! Are you interested in having your own Engagement Elopement in Cornwall with us?Outdoor Elopement Cornwall - couple kiss on dramatic cliffs on their wild adventurous outdoor elopement in cornwallThis is a hot ‘new trend’ for 2022/2023. Couples who want to take every chance to celebrate all the milestones in their love story while they can, are embracing this new trend. After all, with the world events that have caused them to postpone and/or cancel their proposals and weddings in 2024/2025, they don’t want to waste another minute.

My availability for next year is limited and I don’t want you to be disappointed. If you would like me to be your Celebrant on the day of your proposal or your Engagement Elopement, please don’t delay in sending me a message.

I would love to hear from you.Outdoor Elopement in England Uk with kissing CoupleTogether, we can make your Engagement Elopement Cornwall a special dream come true. This is a wonderful stepping stone to deepen your connection and to begin the next amazing chapter of your beautiful love story.
How about celebrating your Engagement Elopement under the milky way – yes – This is possible with a Celebrant-led ceremony!

Let your amazing Adventure begin!

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