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Whether you got engaged a while ago or more recently and you want to know what trends are going to take the wedding industry by storm in 2022, you are in the right place! With record numbers of eco friendly wedding cornwall happening in 2024 you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be to say ‘I do!’ Here is a heads-up about what you can expect on the wedding scene over this next year. From private wild adventure elopements (our speciality) to huge, themed parties, couples will be throwing more true-to-themselves eco friendly weddings in Cornwall this year and I’m all for it. Start practising your bouquet toss and first dance moves. Or your hiking or wild swimming skills if you’re having an adventure elopement experience with Cornwall Elopements and myself. Either way – you’re having a wedding! How and where is your exciting choice to make!

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Ball Gowns

are back! It seems the obsession with regency we all picked up from Netflix’s Bridgerton is here to stay in 2022. This along with many couples choosing to postpone their wedding has meant that there’s a surge of bride-to-be’s using extra savings on making sure they make an entrance with a princess style ball gown. If you are having an outdoor elopement, this is not the most practical choice though, so stick with a sleeker, simple silhouette more suited to adventuring outdoors. Or if you are having a reception with all your besties later, wear it then.

Unconventional Themed Parties

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Rewrite the rules! In 2022, couples are embracing the party atmosphere and reimagining their ideal wedding day. Even bridal parties and stag do’s are changing. From fun days out and outdoors excursions, mixed stag and hen do’s to themed evening receptions, the fun factor is in. We can expect to see more and more couples embracing their individuality and letting it shine on their day. It’s about time we all had some fun! Our couples enjoy their outdoor elopement and then join their guests to party afterwards. It is the best of both worlds for our fun-loving couples.

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Very Peri

f you haven’t seen the Pantone colour of the year everywhere yet, brace yourself – you’re about to! Expect to see pops of this periwinkle colour in everything from bridesmaids dresses to bouquets, ribbons, ties, waistcoats, shoes, socks etc and wedding stationery too. Decor and tablescapes will be embracing this colour in a big way this year. Gone are the days of all white weddings, this gorgeous shade pairs well against stronger, more vibrant colours too. Beautiful!

Sunrise Wedding at Holywell Bay in Cornwall

Sustainable Elopements in Cornwall

Going green is becoming an even bigger priority for environmentally conscious couples. With everything from locally sourced catering to going plastic free couples are looking more closely as to how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their wedding day. Second hand wedding dresses have exploded in popularity – not only are you going to save money, you’ll be saving the environmental costs of raw materials needed for a new dress too.
Outdoor ceremonies in stunning locations (no venue costs here) and non-traditional venues, pubs, village halls etc are also on the rise. Outdoor locations don’t need as much décor and materials – if any – to make them look beautiful. This will save you a small fortune too!

Authentic Photography

This is one of the most important aspects to your wedding day experience and where we excel. Jo and Patrick can offer you loads of helpful advice as they have been doing outdoor photography, weddings and elopements for many years – even before they were trendy. Read more on our Elopement Photographer Cornwall Website

Eco Friendly Outdoor Elopements

and lastly, we are excited about this trend. The pandemic has seen many couples have to look closely at their options in getting married. Many have chosen to elope and perhaps saw it as their only chance to get married. This has seen a rise in eloping and smaller, more intimate weddings become a more and more popular choice – even as we see more things opening up. Having a smaller Celebrant-led wedding not only will save you money and a lot of stress too, you’ll also get to focus on a celebration of what truly matters, in an incredible setting – you!

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Wedding Plans in 2024 & 2025

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How do your eco friendly wedding Cornwall plans compare with the trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2023?
Even if you are having an outdoor elopement, these ideas can be tweaked to suit your requirements. Are you incorporating any of the ones mentioned into your wedding this year or next? Do you have any you could add? I’d love to know – leave me a comment below or contact me on my elopement package page