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Elopement Packages UK – Micro Wedding Cornwall

Welcome to my Elopement Packages UK & Wild Blessing Ceremonies Packages Page for your Micro Wedding Cornwall.

Hi there & welcome to my Elopement Packages UK page. This page highlights our 3 amazing Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and Elopement Packages UK for you to choose from. They are easily customizable with add-on options for you so whether you are having an Intimate Elopement, Pagan/Celtic Handfasting or a Micro Wedding in Cornwall, you will be able to create your perfect wedding day ceremony that’s just right for you. Please get in touch if you need any further information, I am here to help!

Ceremony/ Handfasting -Elopement Packages UK

You can add to every single elopement Package uk optional extras like photography & highlight film, torches, fire sticks & lots of extras.I hope you have found your perfect Micro-Wedding, Handfasting or Elopement Package UK. Ifyou have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to create and conduct your wedding ceremony in Cornwall that will be everything you have dreamed of andmore A non-refundable deposit of £250 will be required to secure your date and the balance is payable 1 month before your ceremony.



Same Sex Couple kiss on a beautiful cliffSkype/Zoom call

30 minutes approx ceremony

(no added rituals)


Welcome Message, Couple Story

Reading, Vows, Ring Exchange ,Final Blessing, Vow Booklets, Copy of Script, Certificate

Presentation Folder

Outdoor location of choice


Happy Wedding Couple walking the middle from their guests in a woodlandSkype/ Zoom call

45 min approx ceremony, (1 added ritual)


Welcome Message, Couple Story, Reading, Unity Ritual (Sand/Candles/Hand tying/Loving Cup), Vows, Ring Exchange, Final Blessing,Vow Booklets,Copy of Script, Certificate, Presentation Folder, Ritual Items to use for ceremony (Vases/Cords/Candles)

Prices available on Request for items

you want to keep to take home

Outdoor location of choic



Pagan Celtic Handfasting with Wedding Celebrant Cornwallin the backSkype/Zoom call

45 min approx ceremony,(3 added rituals) Includes:

Welcome Message, Elemental Blessing, Couple Story, Reading, Vows, Handfasting Ritual, Ring Exchange,Cake and Ale,Final Blessing, Jumping the Broom, Vow Booklets, Copy of Script, Certificate, Presentation Folder, Ritual Items to use for ceremony (Broom/Cords/Goblet/Small Plate) Prices available on Request for items, you want to keep to take home, Outdoor location of choice.

Where can I have my Outdoor Ceremony in Cornwall?

There are plenty of great venues in Cornwall that specialise in Elopement Packages in the UK that are ideal for your special wedding day. I am fortunate to work with these amazing small Intimate Wedding Venues that are situated in the most incredible locations here in Cornwall. BoHo Cornwall , Beacon-Crag and Pengersick Castle are 3 of my favourites that you could choose from. They all offer different Elopement Packages so you will definitely find one that’s perfect for you to celebrate your day.

You can have your romantic outdoor wedding at any of these beautiful wedding venues as the outdoor areas surrounding them are stunning. There are cliff top views, wild gardens and often huge ocean waves crashing around you, adding drama and visual impact to your wedding photographs. These venues offer the best of both worlds – having

an outdoor wedding with the option of a beautiful indoor ceremony space as ‘Plan B’ if the weather is not looking good!

What to wear on your Elopement?

Wear what you love! However, you may need to pay close attention to what you wear on your wedding day depending on the location, season or the time of day. Beach or summer weddings require a more understated wedding look than what you would wear for a traditional wedding. Think light floaty fabric in soft cool colours which are easier to pack away in a backpack. You can then change when you get to the ceremony spot. Avoid veils, especially in windy areas and rather wear a flower crown.

Heavier materials are better for the colder months to keep you warm and comfortable on your big day! Shoe choices are an important consideration, especially for outdoor weddings. Boots are safer when hiking over rough terrain to reach your ceremony spot. You can always hike up the trail in your boots and switch into some fancy shoes at your destination! Elopement weddings offer you lots of room to explore and be creative with your look as you don’t need to stick to traditional attire. Read more on Cornwall Elopements outdoor wedding guide. Go ahead- have fun and rock your Elopement, your way!

Is it cheaper to Elope or have a small Wedding?

Elopements can cost as much or as little as you want.

It all depends on what you want to include, where you’re having it and what you want to spend your money on. Elopements usually do cost a lot less than a traditional wedding c onsidering a UK wedding now comes in at an average of £32,000.

Having an elopement could save you a lot of money, time and stress. No matter how much money you spend, if your wedding isn’t authentic and doesn’t feel true-to-you, the value will definitely not be the same. By not using a licensed venue and by having an outdoor wedding ceremony in one of our beautiful ‘wild locations’, you can experience a wedding that is big on romance and authenticity and is small on your wallet

What do I need for an elopement?

You might be eloping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add fun details to your day! Adding things like an amazing location along with your vow books, jewellery, a flower crown or hat can be a great way to add personalized details to your elopement! Remember to pack your dress, suit, comfy shoes or boots, a watch to keep an eye on the time,water and snacks, your rings, vow booklets, bouquet and most important- your champagne!

You can customize your ceremony by including rituals that are important to you. Activities that you love doing or you’ve been dreaming of doing can be enjoyed before and after your ceremony. Think of things that will add meaning and value to your day! If you can dream it up you can include it on one of the most important days of your life

Working with me – step by step

If you are wondering how having a Celebrant-led Wedding works, here’s a step-by-step timeline to guide you through the process. You look through my website, make a note of any questions. You contact me by phone, email or social media, preferably a few months before your date. We have a chat about your dreams, ideas and vision for your ceremony, online or in person. You pay your non-refundable deposit to book your chosen date. I research your outdoor ceremony location or venue. (if necessary) You choose your recommended suppliers if you’re having one of our complete wedding packages with Cornwall Elopements. I start creating your bespoke ceremony and keep you updated. You approve the final script and pay the final balance 1 month before your wedding. Wedding Day- I meet you to conduct and celebrate your beautiful, meaningful, bespoke wedding ceremony. Exciting!


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