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Outdoor Wedding Cornwall – Handfasting & Blessing

Welcome to my Outdoor Wedding Cornwall Ceremony Page

Hopefully you’re here because you’re considering having an Outdoor Wedding in Cornwall. I hope to encourage and inspire you to embrace your ‘wild side’. There are so many beautiful ceremony spots that you can choose from. Whether you choose to have a Wild Intimate Elopement, Micro-wedding & Handfasting & Blessings, your choice of amazing locations to provide stunning backdrops, not only for your Ceremony but also for your photographs is vast. You can choose from Beaches and secret Coves, Mining Ruins and Moors, Waterfalls and Sea caves or Sacred Stone Circles and Ancient Sites. My personal favourite has to be the Ancient Stone Circles that surround us in our local landscape as these sacred spaces are perfect and atmospheric, especially at sunset, for a magical Pagan Ceremony. The best months to enjoy your outdoor wedding in Cornwall are early summer or fall. During June, September and October, the temperature is milder, less hot and more predictable. You and your guests will be less likely to overheat or freeze then! Outdoor wedding Cornwall, Outdoor Wedding Cornwall

Choosing an Outdoor Ceremony

The main benefit for couples choosing an outdoor wedding cornwall, is the massive saving to the wedding budget. Typically, according to recent surveys, the cost of hiring a venue can take up 75% of the budget especially if you include the cost of drinks, catering and equipment hire etc. By having your Celebrant-led Elopement or Handfasting Ceremony in an unlicensed venue or outdoors at a time and place that suits you, you can choose an option that works within your budget. This gives you freedom to spend your money where it has the most value and meaning for you and allows you to have a wedding that is more about you, big on adventure and small on your stress levels.

Outdoor Weddings & Elopements

Your Celebrant will create and conduct your bespoke ceremony for you so your wedding day won’t be stressed, pressurised or make you feel obligated to anyone. You can celebrate your wedding anywhere and anytime, day or night. I am available to officiate my heart-felt wedding ceremonies for my couples whether it’s sunrise, sunset, anytime in between or even under a bright, shining full moon or on a castle rooftop (think Pengersick Castle Elopements !). Your Intimate Elopement, Celtic/Pagan Handfasting or Micro-wedding will be customised exactly how you want it to be and where you want it to be. You can enjoy the whole wedding experience without having to be part of a traditional, organised, conveyor-belt wedding system.

Eco Friendly Outdoor Ceremonies

Another benefit would be that your outdoor wedding ceremony is sustainable, eco-friendly and kinder on our beautiful planet. Because you have chosen to experience your special day outdoors you will already have an incredible backdrop for your ceremony photos and so you will also save money on your floral decorations as all you may really need is a beautiful wild bouquet and flower crown to enhance your own natural beauty.

Outdoor Celebrant-led wedding

While your Outdoor Celebrant-led wedding in Cornwall won’t be legal (at the moment) there is a simple process to legalise your ‘marriage’. You will need to notify your local council of your intent to marry at least 29 days before your chosen date and make an appointment for a 10 minute ‘no-frills simple signing’ of the register at the local office to say your 2 contractual sentences. This can be done either before or after your ’wedding’ and that’s it. Easypeasy! And usually less than £100!

Ancient Sites Ceremonies

Cornwall is full of ancient mystery and magic set in a rugged landscape we love exploring. This remote, wild and natural corner of West Cornwall is definitely our most favourite. We are fortunate to live amongst the highest concentration of ancient sites in Europe: standing stones, stone circles, quoits, barrows, fougus, wells, Bronze Age settlements and hill forts. Some sites are at least 4000 years or more and we are honoured to be able to conduct and celebrate your Wild Wedding here.

Forest & Woodland Ceremonies

Forest/woodland weddings may be the perfect solution for those of you looking for something rustic and special. Celebrate it somewhere magical like an enchanted forest in Cornwall. If you would like something private and relaxing for your special day, your ceremony can take place within a gorgeous, ancient woodland surrounded by nature.

Cliffs, Mines & Ruin Ceremonies

The Cornwall coastline is scattered with the old remains of a lost past and rich in history. Mines standing sentry on the edge of wild seas, old ruins overlooking bays and caves tunneled into high cliffs that hold secrets of smugglers, pirates and buried treasure. Our coastline has many interesting and unique locations to hold your wild wedding.

Beach Wedding in Cornwall

We have some of the most spectacular beaches in the country to have your Wedding in Cornwall. Beaches come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone. Some of our favourite outdoor beach wedding locations are the smaller, quieter secret coves and beaches. Cornwall has some large hidden sea caves which provide the most magical ceremony spaces for your intimate outdoor Celebrant-led wedding in Cornwall. Because they are not well known, it keeps crowds away and provides shelter from unplanned rain showers too! The sea caves can be lit with fire sticks, candles and lanterns adding a beautiful golden glow to the ceremony space. These atmospheric, dreamy sea cave weddings are truly perfect for those who love a bit of adventure.

Full Moon & Milky Way Elopement Ceremonies

We love outdoor weddings, Intimate Elopements andHandfasting Ceremonies, We also love couples who break away from outdated traditions to create their own alternative, meaningful ceremonies. Our Celebrant-led Wedding ceremonies are perfect if you want to embrace nature but don’t like the crowds that descend upon Cornwall during holidays. By Eloping or having your Wedding Ceremony or Pagan Handfasting after dark, you will have something truly enchanting, magical and unique that not many other couples will have had the chance to experience before.



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