February 13, 2021
Wedding Ceremony Roomwith candles and golden light at PengersickCastle
3 not so Small Wedding Venues in Cornwall
Hello, if They are different in style, location and size but they all offer you the same opportunity to experience a warm, welcomi...
February 2, 2021
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony with wedding couple and celebrant in Cornwall
8 Reasons To Have Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In Cornwall.
They have a ‘wild love’ coursing through their veins, a love pulsing deep in their bones… Welcome to my blog, I am glad you are he...
January 24, 2021
Pagan Celtic Handfasting with Wedding Celebrant Cornwallin the back
What is a Handfasting? – Wedding Celebrant Cornwall
In this blog I will share some information around this topic as a lot of couples are unsure about what a Handfasting is. Handfasti...

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Wedding Ideas, Tips & Advice – Runaway Weddings, Cornwall Elopement

Welcome to my Wedding Ideas, Cornwall Elopement ,Micro Wedding, Handfasting & Elope to Cornwall Blog. We have the best Tips & Advice for your Cornwall Elopement. Runaway Weddings, Runaway Weddings Cornwall

You keep me safe i’ll keep you wild …

Cornwalls most unique Micro Wedding Blog, Micro Wedding , Micro Wedding Cornwall, Runaway Weddings, Runaway Weddings

Welcome to my wedding ideas & inspiration Blog. I hope you enjoy reading through my posts and find them helpful when planning your Intimate Elopement, Handfasting and Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Cornwall. I will be adding new wedding ideas blogs every month on different topics on all things wedding related here in Cornwall and beyond. If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover and it isn’t already here, please let me know and I will write one for the blog.runaway wedding

How can I make my runaway weddings special?

Use An Enthusiastic Celebrant! I may be slightly biased! What better way to add some Wedding Inspiration, fun and a dose of your personality into your ceremony? Hiring the right celebrant will bring your ceremony to life! I can conduct your ceremony anywhere, anyhow and anyplace. It’s always refreshing to see a celebrant that captures the essence of your love story and creates your script around it.

When choosing your Intimate Elopement, Handfasting or Micro-wedding Celebrant in Cornwall, always make sure you’ve read their reviews. Speak to them on the phone to make sure they understand the vision you have for your ceremony and that their personality matches the vibe you want to go with. Your Wedding Ceremony using a Registrar will have a totally different feel as they will only be able to use the legally prescribed Government approved script so unfortunately it won’t feel as special if you want to have something.

Can i write my own Vows? – Wild elopements

Your heartfelt vows may only be a small part of your ceremony, taking up a few minutes of your wedding but they’re really the most important and vital piece of your ceremony. Everyone will have their own way of preparing and writing their vows but it’s important to start earlier than you think. It’s a good idea to carry a little notepad with you in the months leading up to your wedding day and when a flash of inspiration hits you, write it down. Carrying the notepad will allow you to capture any thoughts and ideas you have. When it comes to writing out your vows you’ll have lots of inspiration to use to make it easier for you.

Hand write your own vows on the morning of your Elopement or Wedding day. Have your rough draft ready then just copy them into your special vow book. This is also a beautiful photo opportunity and adds to the story of your special day. There’s nothing quite like handwritten vows from the heart. When the person that you love most in the world hears your simple, tender declaration of love for them, it will be a moment they will never forget. Speaking words of commitment and making promises from your hearts is one of the most magical moments couples will experience!

What size is a runaway wedding & small Cornwall elopement?

Micro weddings and small weddings are a massive trend for 2021. With the changing climate and unpredictable situation surrounding weddings last year, most couples are choosing to have a “ sequel wedding “ later in the year when they are allowed . They are enjoying a small ceremony now, followed by a big reception at a later date. So the actual wedding ceremony has been downsized and is evolving into a new trend, the Micro-wedding and the slightly larger version, the Small or Intimate wedding.

There is a difference between a small wedding and a micro wedding. Micro-weddings usually have less than 20 guests and are often untraditional and more intimate. Small weddings typically have 30 -50 guests and follow the traditional wedding ceremony rules and rituals. It’s important to remember that these numbers will be a little bit different for everyone. The benefit of having a smaller wedding is it’s much easier to plan, costs less and is more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about pleasing a large crowd and you will enjoy your day more by spending quality time with those you love.

How do you plan your day on a small budget?

If you have a limited budget then having fewer wedding guests will save you a large amount of money. Having your wedding outdoors in a beautiful location will not cost you anything but will have a huge impact on the value of your day. You will have amazing photographs too! With fewer guests you may be able to go to a fancy restaurant afterwards and your costs will still be less than you would have paid originally with a larger wedding. Make Use of Your Friends and Family. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help! If you have a friend who is good at make-up or a sister who loves baking – they will be more than happy to help. Call in all your favours! Be Prepared to DIY. Try and make as much of your décor as you can with the help of your friends and family again. Make sure you plan ahead and allow plenty of time. Things often take longer than you anticipate. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by creating things yourself. runaway wedding


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